Jul 13, 2015

Summaries of written evidence, including evidence on the alleged false claim of responsibility for the attack

With witness Hammoud the Prosecution has finalised calling witnesses about the political background and situation in Lebanon before the assassination, and the political difficulties Hariri was facing.

On 22 May the Prosecution read out a number of summaries of witness statements previously tendered into evidence. This included two witnesses who were wounded by the attack that killed Hariri and others, and a witness who imported trucks from Dubai to Lebanon, which according to the Prosecution included the Mitsubishi canter that contained the explosives used in the attack. Also the Prosecution read out a summary of a witness whose mobile number was used during the sale of Mitsubishi canter in Tripoli, with the witness denying any involvement in this sale.

Further, there was the summary of a statement by the now deceased father of Ahmad Abu Adass about the disappearance of his son on 16 January 2005. The family had received an anonymous call from a man who told them that Ahmad would be brought back that afternoon and that their car had broken down; later on there was another call informing them that Ahmad had traveled to Iraq. Ahmad’s father described his son as religiously committed, and further explained that his son did not own a car and did not know how to drive. Mr Abu Adass sr. also said that he had seen the video of Ahmad in which he claims responsibility for the attack. His son looked very skinny and his voice was very low, whilst his son was well-built and had a loud voice,; also he never used to wear a turban or the type of clothes shown in the video.

In addition, summaries were read out of a witness whose identification was used to obtain a SIM card used in one of the telephone networks (which the Prosecution is linking to the accused) and a witness who, the Prosecution alleges, sold five of the eight Red Network handsets on the 30 December 2004. Finally, the Prosecution is dealing with mobile phone contracts showing how the different phone networks allegedly used by the accused were set up in preparation of the assassination, ensuring anonymity of its users; according to the Prosecution these contracts provides some small evidentiary links to the accused.

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