Dec 18, 2014

A paramedic in Mr. Hariri's convoy ambulance testifies

The next witness on the stand was Mr. Rachid Hammoud, a Lebanese paramedic. He testifies that in 2004, there was always one ambulance accompanying Mr. Hariri's convoy, another was kept ready for special circumstances. One ambulance would have one driver and two paramedics. The ambulance would always be the last car in the convoy. On the 14th February 2005, the day of the explosion, the witness sat in the back of the ambulance, so he did not see what happened outside. As a result of the explosion, the witness fainted, and when he regained his conscience, he climbed outside of the ambulance through the roof.

Mr. Hariri's paramedic team consisted of ten paramedics. Whenever he would travel with his convoy, also abroad, the ambulance would follow the convoy. When traveling by plane, medical suitcases would be brought along.

The witness estimates that the ambulance was at approximately 50 meters distance from the last car in the convoy, though this distance is fiercely debated during cross-examination of this witness. Because of this distance, normally the jammers would not affect the radio. If the car would come closer than that, you would hear some buzzing, and you would not be able to make any calls. 

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